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About O/L ICT.....

You can learn ICT as a optional subject for O/Ls. Unlike other subjects ICT help you throughout your lifetime. You may choose Health ,Drama ,Agriculture ,Geography or History in order to have a “A” pass easily. But what will be remained after O/Ls? Just a “A” pass on your result sheet. You won’t have any chance to use subject matters learned. Or else if you need to use them you should go back to stone era or farming era. The basic knowledge of ICT for day today activities can be gained by learning IT for O/Ls. And also It’s more effective to spend 2 years to learn something which is more useful. Then there will be no need of spending money to IT institutes for courses or certificates.ICT consists with simple subject matters, number of lessons and practical tests. You’ll gain a “A” pass easily. Other than that you will understand the usefulness and value of ICT in the future.