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What Why How ICT ???

It is reasonable to have the question “Why should I select ICT for my O/L s or A/L s?“ . Here I’m going to express a suitable and meaningful answer for it.

Any subject should learn with the purpose of practicing it in the future. Do you satisfy with a subject which is only restricted to the results sheet. If it might be happening, it would be a disaster by wasting your time and efforts. When you select a subject you have to concentrate on the relevancy and adaptability of it to your life. In this Information Era most of the subjects became as dead ones. The true purpose of the education is to find out a good job to survive. Isn’t it? There are more than 30 different job positions available in the IT field with attractive remunerations those who followed ICT. Not only in IT field, but also in other fields IT knowledge becomes very essential. So Learning ICT helps you to set up and build your career.

When you learn ICT as a subject in your school you want to follow external IT courses by spending your time and money. These days education departments provide NVQ Level 1 & Level 3 Certificates those who followed O/L ICT & A/L ICT respectively. This is an added advantage.

This article is simply about the importance of ICT. But it is at your choice to select IT or not.